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The Kindness Factor International (TKFI) Partners with Kindness Worldwide

TKFI has partnered with Kindness Worldwide to launch their “Screen ScEnEs” Initiative with the mission to share kindness stories that help people "See the Good."


2 March 2024


We are delighted to announce our collaborative partnership with our heart-centered friends Kevin Smith and Michael Binko at Kindness Worldwide. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Kindness Worldwide to showcase transformative stories of kindness that amplify love in the world. We will be bringing KINDNESS to a screen near you in communities throughout the world. 


We are very excited to "Go the Extra Mile" with Kevin, Michael, and the Kindness Worldwide team to inspire you to "See the Good."

The pilot of the upcoming inspirational TV series The Kindness Factor has already been filmed (Featuring Michael Ray, Liz Shropshire, and more -- see it here) with future episodes in development!

Who knows? There might even be the potential to showcase your very own Kindness Week Worldwide community in a future episode!

All your community needs to do to qualify is embrace Kindness Week through its formal recognition, and celebrate its spirit limited only by the bounds of imagination and creativity!
 Find out how here.


Who will be the first? 🤔

Founded in 2019, TKFI is on a mission to elevate love in the world by creating specific Social Media, Film, and TV/Video projects harnessing the power of storytelling to ignite a global kindness movement.

We produce high quality family-friendly entertainment sharing heart-grabbing personal stories that showcase the transformative power of kindness in a way that motivates our audience to “pay it forward” with more kindness.

Our objective is to inspire people to put love into action through kindness and help repair, restore, and increase the human social connection so vital to our happiness and well-being.

Losing his wallet on Good Friday morning in 2023, only to have a young woman return it to his home within moments after he realized it was missing, changed the trajectory of Kevin Smith's life.

His effort to identify the woman, thank her in a meaningful way, and pay it forward let to a fascinating, unexpected adventure of a lifetime that is impossible to put into words. It inspired Kevin to launch is own nonprofit, Kindness Worldwide with a vision "to create a culture of kindness in communities throughout the world."

Kevin's story is proof that no act of kindness is too small to change a life, and that no one is too inconsequential to make a lasting impact and change the world through kind actions.

Learn more about Kevin's Story and Kindness Worldwide here.



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